What Does A Pig Sound Like?

Most of us are familiar with the sounds made by cats, dogs, chickens, goats, etc., and can easily mimic these sounds, but many people have no idea about the sounds made by pigs not to mention mimicking their sounds. So, what does a pig sound like? This article is going to describe some main sounds that our pigs make.

What does a pig sound like?

A pig’s sound might be different depending on whether it is a hog, a piglet, a boar, or else. But, oink, grunt, squeal, snort are what we often hear on our pigs.


The first sound that our porcine pals often make is “oink”. This sounds like the short low gruff noise which is very difficult to spell.

The pig makes this sound constantly, especially when they are searching for someone or something. So, if you are looking for your run-away piglets, make sure you are listening carefully for their oinks.


Another pig noise is the grunt which we can hear in all contexts. You can probably make this sound because it is the sound you make when you do something physically difficult.

There are loud grunts and soft grunts. Each has a different meaning.

  • Soft grunts

You can call these ‘happy grunts’ because the pigs grunt rhythmically when they are content and relaxed. For example, when we scratch or rub their bellies, they will grunt as they are trying to say they are extremely satisfied and hope that we keep rubbing their bellies. You also hear their grunts when they are eating food or feeding their babies.

  • Loud grunts

This sound is less common compared to soft grunts because the pigs make agitated grunts in protest when they are in danger.


Pigs also squeal which is a sharp and high-pitched cry. There are two types of squeal often made by pigs.

The first one is a loud and sudden squeal that is made when the pig is hurt or scared and maybe they also want to alert other pigs to their situation or offer assurance. You’ll hear a squeal when a pig is grabbed at its tail or is caught to sell.

The second one is a continuous squeal which is made as a sign of anticipation. Usually, the pig makes this sound when about to be fed, like they are trying to say it’s time for lunch or here comes supper at last.


Pigs free images, public domain images

The last common sound of a pig is a snort. This sound is made when forcing the air violently through the nose with a rough harsh sound.

People can also make that noise when you suddenly force a breath in through your nose to express indignation, derision, or incredulity. We can probably hear this sound from the pigs when you feed them a new food or when they are discovering something, they would point their cartilaginous ahead and snort to examine it.

Do not confuse a snort with a sniff. A snort is the sound made when a powerful airflow goes outwards while a sniff is made when a gentler airflow goes inwards.

Last words,

Pigs make a wide range of sounds with a variety of meanings but their sounds are very difficult to spell and to remember. That is the reason why many people are confused when being asked about how a pig sounds and probably cannot name one.


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