Donate Horse To Vet School – What Happen To Them?

Written by Scarlett Larson on July 9, 2020 in Animals with no comments.

It is a tough decision when you have to put down your horse and donate him to a vet school. But be proud of your horse, he is making a contribution to scientific research!

Maybe right now you are getting butterflies in your stomach as you are still in the dark about what will happen to your horse when they are in the vet school and which school will admit him.

I’ve got your back! Keep reading my post, I believe that your worries will soon be dispelled.

donate horse to vet school
What will happen to your horse when you donate them in vet school?

Donate Horse To Vet School – And What Next?

This question still keeps you wide awake at night? “What will happen to my horse when he enters the vet school?”- you may wonder.  Well, depending on what studies or specialized equine classes available at the time you donate, your horse can be selected for different purposes.

Normally,  stallions and mares are still well kept, some are even kept alive for many years, they are even well taken care of, eg grooming with the best horse clippers on the market. Most of the stallions are used to educate vet students on how to collect semen. Some horses are also chosen to train students in surgeries.

Sound hurt? After these surgeries, your horse will be euthanized. Serve for anatomy classes or specialized studies – that what your horse’s mission is.

No matter how your horse is and no matter what purpose he serves, you can always rest assured that they are treated with respect and love from people in vet schools.

horse in vet school
Not all vet schools have the policy of permitting donated horses

How To Donate A Horse?

The procedure of donating a horse to vet schools will not take you much time. The first thing you need to do is to contact the vet school where you would like to donate your horse.

In this step, you’d better remember that not all vet schools have the policy of permitting donated horses. So, a thorough check before calling is advisable.

Then, they may require a video of your horse to check whether they are suitable for their medical project or not. When the horse completely meets the requirements, some paperwork on your horse’s health records, diet and so on will be needed.

After donating, you can even come and visit your little friend on some occasions. You can also receive pictures of your lovely horse sent by vet students who directly work with him. I bet that a smile will appear on your face the moment you see those pictures!

In Conclusion

For various reasons, you have to say goodbye to your lovely horse. Instead of selling him, donating your horse to a vet school can also be a good option.

What will happen to them next and how to donate them? I believe that now the answer is in your hands. Donate your horse and be proud of him- he is making a great contribution!

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